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If you’re on a day trip, spontaneous weekend break or airport layover in Paris and want to see the Eiffel Tower, our short tours provide the perfect solution! Ideal for those with a limited amount of time in Paris who want to squeeze in a trip to the city’s most famous landmark, they are all under 3 hours and include skip-the-line tickets to the Eiffel Tower so that you don’t have to waste precious hours queuing at its base. The short tours listed below are also recommended for those on a budget, as they offer a way to see Paris and the Eiffel Tower from just £18 per person. Additionally, for those whose main aim is to explore the Tower itself our recommended short tours have the same focus, with itineraries that centre around visiting the Eiffel Tower and providing access to parts that normal tourists don’t get to see.

Eiffel Tower Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes at the Eiffel Tower

  • £20 per adult, £17 per child (age 6 to 16)
  • Bilingual, French and English tours departing 10am and 5pm on Wednesday and Saturday
  • 1 and a half hours long
  • Skip-the-line access to second floor of Eiffel Tower

Behind the scenes at the Eiffel TowerThe majority of people who visit the Eiffel Tower each day tend to stick to the levels that a normal ticket grants access to, with some bypassing the exhibitions on the first and top floors altogether in order to take pictures and admire the view from the observation platforms. Although the views are undoubtedly half of what makes the Eiffel Tower such a popular tourist attraction, the history behind the iron tower is actually a rich and colourful one that rewards those who delve into it with a deeper understanding of a true French icon. The Behind the Scenes tour is a fantastic way to see parts of the Eiffel Tower where other tourists can’t go, with a well-informed guide taking you around the secret rooms within the structure for a VIP Eiffel Tower experience!

The tour begins at the base of the Eiffel Tower, where your guide takes you to the hidden bunker underneath the Champs de Mars and entertains the group with anecdotes and facts concerning the tower’s history and its changing functions over the decades. After explaining the story behind its construction, the guide will transport you past the long lines of people waiting to ascend the Tower directly to the lifts, where you will get a sneak peak of the original engine room that other tourists don’t see! After rising to the second level tour members are permitted to climb to the roof of the Jules Verne restaurant, offering a spectacular 360° panorama of the city at your feet that is not normally open to the public. One of the best value tours on offer, with the Behind the Scenes tour package you can not only skip the line for Eiffel Tower tickets but you can get a look into its past in a way that other visitors can’t, making it a unique and unforgettable experience.

 Paris Sightseeing and Skip the Eiffel Tower Line 

Paris City Sightseeing and Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Tickets

  • £59 per adult, £22 per child (age 4 to 17)
  • Three daily departures starting 9am, 12pm and 2.45pm
  • 3 hours long
  • Transport by air conditioned coach
  • Second floor access to the Tower included

For a whistlestop tour of the main sights in Paris the Paris City Sightseeing tour cannot be beaten, and acts as the perfect introduction to the capital. An air conditioned coach transports you around the main attractions in Paris to help you find your feet in the city before stopping at the Eiffel Tower, where guests on the tour can walk straight past the long lines that accumulate during busy periods. As such, it is an ideal tour option for new visitors to the city who want to get a glimpse of all the most important monuments in Paris and who have the Eiffel Tower at the top of their list of things to see!

When you step on to your luxury coach at the tour’s starting point, be sure to grab a seat by the window and preferably upstairs to maximise the experience offered by the tour. Individual audio commentaries are available with headphones, with 11 different languages to choose from, and as you drive around the wide boulevards, impressive squares and exclusive streets of the city the audio guide will fill you in on the history and present character of the roads and buildings that you pass, giving you a deeper understanding of the city and making planning the rest of your stay a much more informed process! Along the way you will see the Place de la Concorde, Champs Élysées, Arc de Triomphe, Invalides, Bastille Square, Notre Dame cathedral and the Luxembourg Gardens amongst others, with the drive spanning both the grandest and most bohemian parts of the city. The coach stops at the Eiffel Tower, where a guide will take you directly to the lifts and past the long lines outside the Tower, after which you have the entire day to explore the Eiffel Tower at your leisure. Your ticket grants access to the second floor of the landmark, where tickets to the top deck can be bought from the ticket price from a much smaller queue.

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  1. hi, once this tour has finished, are you permitted to stay in/on the eiffel tower and purchase tickets to go to the top floor??? if so how much are tickets to top floor???
    many thanks

    1. Hi Ashley – the tour finishes at the Eiffel Tower and you are welcome to stay for as long as you want. Tickets for the third floor can be bought at the ticket office on the second floor; I can’t find an exact price for this but I believe it is around 5 euros. Enjoy your trip!

  2. Hi, I would like to know the foll. things

    1) From where does the trip start ?
    2) Can we buy the tickets once we reach Paris as we are not sure of our reaching time ?
    3) After reaching Eiffel tower, Is there a time limitation to stay on the tower ?


    1. Hi,

      The starting point for the tour is 214 Rue de Rivoli. You can buy tickets from Paris, although online booking must be done at least 3 days in advance. There is no time limit at the Tower, as this is where the tour ends. Hope this helps!

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