Whether you’re planning a romantic meal, want to experience dining above the city skyline or simply want to grab a delicious dinner in the region of the Eiffel Tower, the 7th arrondissement has a variety of restaurants that showcase the best of traditional and modern French cuisine. Eating in Paris is notoriously pricey in comparison with many other European cities, but there are certainly affordable options in the area around the Tower and for the quality of the food and the inimitable views on offer the expense is arguably well worth it. Below you can find our choices for where to eat after visiting the Eiffel Tower, for fantastic panoramas and even better cuisine.

58 Tour Eiffel

58 Tour EiffelFor dining with a difference, the brasserie style 58 Tour Eiffel on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower makes for an unforgettable experience overlooking the Parisian landscape below. Designed to represent the interior of a ship and to make the most of the natural light that enters from all directions, the restaurant serves modern multicultural cuisine within glass walls and sleek circular staircases and lighting. 58 Tour Eiffel is a more affordable alternative to the fine dining experience offered by the Jules Verne restaurant on the second floor of the Tower, and has a self-service lunch option where you can enjoy a meal high above the city streets for just €18. Alternatively, make a booking for dinner and marvel at the spectacular sight of Paris illuminated below your feet, as well as being blown away upon your approach to the Eiffel Tower as it glitters against the night sky. A number of our recommended tour packages offer either lunch or dinner at the 58 Tour Eiffel as a part of the ticket price – check the Tickets and Tours page for the various options available.

Les Ombres

Les OmbresThe glass domed rooftop of the Musée du Quai Branly is the location for this excellent and inventive restaurant, which serves innovative cuisine inspired by the many continents that are explored in the museum below. The decor is simple, elegant and light, complementing the menu and allowing the real star of the restaurant to shine through – its panoramic views of Paris, with a particularly enviable position from which to admire the Eiffel Tower. The aesthetics of the Tower have inspired the design of Les Ombres, from the criss-crossing latticework across its glass shell to the nuances of grey and brown in its colouring, and by night the restaurant is transformed by the sparkling peak of the Tower as it looms over the building. By no means a budget option, Les Ombres is a romantic and stylish eaterie that displays the jewel of the city to its best advantage. The restaurant is open every day of the week with the exception of Monday, and is recommended in the evenings to capture some unique photographs of the Parisian skyline.

Les Cocottes

Les CocottesThis quirky restaurant manages to pull off the tricky combination of style, flavour and great value for money, with the gimmick being that the majority of its dishes are served in the cocottes (small casserole-type bowls) they have been cooked in to retain their flavour and heat. Les Cocottes takes elements of the American diner and injects them with Parisian elegance and chic, with a fairly minimalist decor and long table in the centre of the room for guests to sit at. The atmosphere is relaxed and the popularity of the establishment is evident from the queues that trail outside the door most hours of the day, pulling in not only tourists but also Paris locals and workers. The emphasis is on fresh food delivered quickly, enabling a quick turnaround and avoiding a long wait for a coveted seat. The menu ranges across a selection of tasty salads, soups, tapas-style starters, cocottes and desserts, all meeting up to the modern bistro concept and high standards of Michelin-starred chef Christian Constant. The prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the exclusive area around the Eiffel Tower, and are well justified by the inventive and delicious character of the menu.


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