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Welcome to, where we tell you everything you need to know to make planning a trip to the most iconic landmark in Paris simple and stress-free! Whilst it’s entirely possible to tackle sightseeing in Paris single-handedly, the sheer volume of impressive historical landmarks spread across the city streets can make cobbling together an effective itinerary a daunting challenge. If you want to pack in as much as you can, particularly during a short trip, it can be much easier to book yourself on to a sightseeing tour of the city that takes in the Eiffel Tower along the way. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Paris or a seasoned traveller, the helpful guides on all our listed tours can make your trip more multidimensional by telling you all about the history behind some of the world’s most visited landmarks.

The table below gives a brief insight into the basics that are available on our recommended tours – once you’ve sorted by each category and found something that suits you, click on the tour name for further information and booking details!

Tour nameTicket price (for adults)LengthSeine cruise included?Illuminations tour included?Meal at the Eiffel Tower included?
Eiffel Tower PLUS Seine Cruise PLUS Paris Illuminations£494 hoursYesYesNo
Paris Musts£905.5 hoursYesNoYes
Paris Full Day by Boat and Foot£1137.5 hoursYesNoYes
Paris in a Nutshell: Seine Cruise, Lunch at the Eiffel Tower and more!£845 hoursYesNoYes
Eiffel Tower, Seine Cruise, Moulin Rouge Show - Dinner at the Eiffel Tower£2567 hoursYesNoYes
Paris City Sightseeing and Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Tickets£423 hoursNoNoNo
Behind the Scenes at the Eiffel Tower£201.5 hoursNoNoNo
Eiffel Tower Dinner and Seine Cruise£1204 hoursYes
Paris Sightseeing by Minivan: Seine Cruise, Eiffel Tower Lunch, Notre Dame and Montmartre£1538 hoursYesNoYes
Eiffel Tower Ticket, Seine River Cruise and Palace of Versailles Skip the Line£11010 hoursYesNoNo


Ticket Prices on the Day

Ticket office on the second floor

All our tours include admission to the Eiffel Tower, but if you would prefer to see the Tower on your own terms and not on a tour it is possible to buy tickets on the day when you arrive at the monument. You can generally expect to find large lines for all the ticket offices, particularly during holidays and at weekends. However these lines do tend to move fairly quickly and rarely take longer than 45 minutes, although in peak season this has been known to extend past 3 hours!

There are different entrances to the Tower depending on which ticket you have bought or wish to buy. Advance ticket bookings and tour groups enter via the east pillar, where there is also an accessible entrance for disabled visitors; the north pillar is where you can buy tickets on the day; and the south pillar is reserved for guests of the Jules Verne restaurant. The function of each pillar does change from day to day (with the exception of the south), but should be clearly signposted to ensure that visitors don’t waste their time standing in the wrong queue.

There are three levels on the Tower itself, and you can buy a different ticket depending on how you wish to tackle them. The cheapest option is to buy a ticket for the first two levels using the stairs. Alternatively, you can choose to take the lift to the first and second floor to save your energy! There are 704 steps to the second level and it normally takes about 25 minutes to climb them, whereas the lift takes a few seconds to scale the heights (although there may be queues in high season). The top floor of the Tower can only be reached by elevator, tickets for which can be bought at the ground or second level.

Current rates for entrance to the Eiffel Tower are as follows:

Ticket typeAdultsYoung people aged 12-24Concessions (disabled and children aged 4-11)
Entrance and lift to the second floor€8,20€6,60€4,10
Lift to the top floor€13,40€11,80€9,30
Entrance and stairs to the second floor€4,70€3,70€3,20

Avoiding the Queues

The Eiffel Tower is near the top of every visitor’s To Do list upon arriving in Paris due to its timeless glamour and sweeping views. However, the drawback of this popularity can be found in the form of the long queues that snake their way around its four pillars on a daily basis, often taking the best part of an hour to navigate and even swelling to 3 or 4 hours of waiting time during the busiest periods. It is very difficult to skip the lines entirely, but we can provide you with a few handy hints for reducing your queuing time that will leave you with longer to spend at the top!

Entrance pillar to the Jules Verne restaurant

  1. Become an early bird/night owl – ornithological metaphors aside, deciding to visit at unconventional hours can chop hours off your time in line and leave you as free as a bird (sorry) to explore the rest of Paris at a leisurely pace. The Eiffel Tower is open from 9.30am all year round, with the exception of major holidays when the opening time is pushed forward to 9am, so if you turn up from 8.30am onwards you can stroll around the Parc de Champs de Mars with a café and croissant before zooming up the Tower before the crowds descend. Alternatively, come just before closing time at 11.45pm (12.45am during busy periods) and you can avoid the tour bus visitors and families, as well as taking some fantastic snaps of the city lit up at night. The last lifts are at 11pm, so try and make it in by 10.30pm.
  2. Book on to a tour – many tour operators offer special city and Eiffel Tower tours that include skip-the-line entrance to the Tower, whisking you straight past the huge queues and straight on to the lifts! By booking advance tickets you can combine your trip to the Tower with some of Paris’ other famous sights or with a cruise down the Seine, with a variety of price options depending on the extras you choose – see our table above for a list of tours that provide Eiffel Tower access, often with a skip-the-line bonus. You may find that in peak season there is still a slight wait for the lifts, but this is likely to be closer to 20 minutes than 2 hours.
  3. Treat yourself to lunch at the Jules Verne restaurant – admittedly this is not the cheapest way to tackle the Tower and is probably not an option for budget tourists, with prices at the designer Jules Verne as sky-high as the observation decks themselves…nonetheless, if you want to experience fine cuisine with the best view over the city that money can buy, the restaurant not only offers fantastic fare but has its own lift in the south pillar, allowing you to smugly sidle past the regular queues with a table reservation.


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  1. Whatever you do, but don’t visit the Eiffel Tower in August. It is extremely crowded then and you won’t have any privacy.
    As said here, getting in early would be the best bet.

  2. If you visit Paris without taking a ‘little’ trip up the Eiffel Tower, there is something wrong with you!!! It’s an amazing experience that you wont forget in a long time!!!

  3. Booked sight seeing and skip the line tickets for Mar 2012. Tour was lovely and welcome break from walking and weather. However when we got to the tower, the ” guide” Jean Paul took a long time to explain the different instructions for the differing groups of tours (boat etc)- 20mins+, then we were rounded up to “skip the line”! Only to be told we would have to wait in line for at least an hour! One of the lifts was out of action. We were the last tour of that day so I really think they should have found this out and given us this info before. Also I only got this info by stopping the giude to tell me the situation, he cleared off very quickly! So we did have to wait in the rain and wind, standing up for over an hour with 2 kids- not my idea of what I had paid for!!

  4. Eiffel Tower, Brill you must go up it its one of the best experiences ever and even if your afraid of hights you must go up to the top. great value for money

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